Sunday, November 21, 2010

will it snow?

   They threatened it would snow this weekend... first it would be Saturday, then today, now it's in the middle of the night and all tomorrow. I wanna make a snow angel! I was on CNN's website and heard a report from my former crush of a news anchor, Rob Marciano. Back before CNN, he was in Portland. My teenage crush was on hot rob, not the hansen boys (arf, who would have a crush on these girlie boys?)
  So this weekend i went to a friend's mary kay partay.... and i had VINOoooooooo.. and it was GOOD. Otherwise I've been pretty angelic, eating my meat and veggies! I might have screwed over the whole diet for a few days, but I hadn't drank any alcohol in nearly 2 weeks, and I felt like I deserved it. ohh sweet nectar of the vine...
   One of the things I want to get bac into once i'm a bit smaller  is roller derby. I jooined up for a while this summer and had mucho fun with exception of a couple things... 1. they were run with horriblw leadership and the people involved ddn't enjoy it. It reminded me way too quickly of the navy and their poor leadership, which was one of the biggest problems i had when i was in, and still deal wth it being married to a sailor. I havenot been back since a meeting which screamed bad organization.  2. I have  a pain in my ass. specifically my left ass cheek. It hurrrts a dull ache cramp type of pain and no amount of stretching, muscle building, or antiinflammatories would decrease it. The only thing  I can tie it to is the bne marrow biopsy i had a while back, which i had coincidentally not worked out for a couple months after, so maybe my muscle was injured? or the muscle/bone was injured becaus there was a big ass needle shoved in it? who knows. Otherwise, #3 reason is because this team meets @ 9 or 9:30 pm. seriously? i'm an old lady and need my sleep. We go to bed by 10ish every night. 
    anyway, on an urelated note, i'm about to go hang out with ireney and go to Pier 1!!!

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