Tuesday, January 18, 2011


do you read this?
tell me if so!!
...cause i only like talking to myself so much..

and fyi, i do know how to capitalize letters that i'm supposed to. i just don't feel like it right now, or most other times i type long babbling jackassery about my ass.

anyway, after the holidays and completely falling off the bandwagon and drinking lots of vino with the fam and eating lots of yummy stuff i wasn't supposed to, I am back on track. for the most part. well, i didn't completely fall off, but i sure was angelic.... and it tasted gooooood! bad me!

 Back to now, during the normal week i tend to be pretty angelic with what i shove in my piehole, and over the weekend i eat a good brunch @ 1 after sleeping in incredibly late and then am generally a naughty monkey during the latter hours of the day. anyway, the mass amount of veggies and protein are doing their job as much as i let them, and i'm down another 5ish lbs after the holiday badness. during those couple of weeks i stayed pretty much at the same weight (gained a lb or 2 a couple of times!)

SOOOO, I'm down 24.5 lb total! a quarter of the way there! oooorah buddies

i went to goodwill tonight to see what pantaloones i could find, but ultimately didn't feel like trying anything on so that idea went out the window... for now, mwahahahaaaa

ummmm... i started a new quarter in school with biological anthropology, pre-calc, sign language, and yoga. i have a good amount of homework and studying, which keeps me busy. if i don't have a good amount  i get lazy altogether with learning what i need to and that leads to a crappy gpa obviously.
mikey and the poochies are doing pretty good... he started a new quarter also and is pretty much in the same math (so we can help eachother out! heheheh) and in online humanities. the girls and i discovered a new dog park full of back woods trails and such. Tuesdays are our fun dog park days when we go down to the big parks in P.O. They're not bad in the rain, so woohooo! less mud!
it's bedtime. our fluffy wonderful bed is calling us.
buenos noches ..!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this weeks wgt

As of today, I'm down 4 more lbs. wohooooo, I've lost about 18 lbs in 4 wks. I didn't think i was going to lose much of anything this week because i was eating camping food all weekend. When it's in a bag labeled 'just add water' it's not usually going to be healthy! nonetheless, since we were hiking with 40 lb packs for hours upon hours carbs were a neccesity for energy. 
Unfortunately/ fortunately my muscles grew in my legs so the rope-n-choke #'s went up in some places. Not a surprise though since i was trekking through the trees for something like 24 hrs total over the 48 hrs of the weekend. so it's all good.

So anyway, as of today I'm done with the winter quarter at school until Jan. WOOOoohhhooooo i get to sleep in every day! didn't do too well in my classes this quarter. math kicked my ass and the bio tests just weren't going great. This morning was my math final. I think i did decently, though not nothing spectacular. I'm already scheduled to take it again next quarter, sans online work.
This morning there was a nice loud thunder and lightening storm for maybe 45 minutes... we don't get uch of that here. nonetheless, i found out our 100 lb lab is scared shitless of storms. poor baby. she was shaking and following me around... I felt soo bad about leaving in the middle of it,.. damn final! she tried her best to come with me. SHe did NOT want me to leave without her and was blocking the door. i felt so bad!! ... but at least the thunder was done with then and it was just raining at that point. pooor pooopy.

Next week I have an appt with an endocrinologist for the first time. Maybe, just maybe i can get some answers... maybe a name for this hormone crap my body is dealing with! i'm not 55 years old! I would like to know why it acts like it is!

tonight we're having crab for dinner. nom nom nom nom
i lovvvvvve crab!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

lost wgt but not really inches!

lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks!!!!
but i havent really lost anything on top, but have down south. so digiidy.

cheers mofo's!
hey,  it' shocked me.
 i didn't think i lost more than 5.6 lbs (that was  my bet -- the hubby's was 6.1 lbs. so he won the 5 minute back scratching!)

gnite ya'lls
oh by the way. didn't gt the house we put an offer on... but hey, that's apparently where we shouldnt' have been

Monday, November 29, 2010

post thanksgiving foodie

In the last week I've been a bad monkey a few too many times...
but it was all so yummy!
and according to our slightly defective bathroom scale I have lost weight. so woohoo!
I didn't have an appt to check it and my inches last week because of the snow and my lack of 4wd. and it's already a half hour+ away without snow. nonetheless, i also am wearing my usual jeans asnd they're a bit loose. Whoe knows, i could have gaine 10 lbs of turkey belly, but i'm happy and haven't completly fallen off the band wagon!
I've had wine i think 3x in the last couple weeks. it was very yummy each time.
For Thanksgiving my parents came up from Oregon and we ate Irene's fabulous Italian -southern - etc food. it was YUMMMMY. she made baked gnocchi (kinda potato pasta) and cheese and some sweet potato stuff covered with pralines. ohhhh mama.
We've been out to eat a few times also, a bit more than normal, which i tend to not follow the rules quite as much then either. hey, it's just been a week or two of birthdays, holidays, and the hubby's re-enlistment today.
cleo (9 y/o 100 lb choco lab) is GASSY today. poooot pooooot poot
her butt is talkative!
In other news, wednesday i have another checkup, so whoever reads this will have anoher wgt.
and i have 2 tests this week and finals next week. because of the crazy schedule last week this week is going to be interesting. i'm reallllly hoping the human bio professor doesn't spring a test on us tomorrow that we were supposed to do a week ago. she's a bit of a flake. who knows..
otay time for a walk with the dogs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ok, it snowed

i just started some soup. i really do hope that it cooks before the power goes out, if it does. oh, it's definintely threatening to. by the way, ohhhh did it snow!
and ohhhhh, did the stupid people start driving!
if we can get off the hill we live on tomorrow without getting in an accident, i'll be getting my second (hopefully decreased) weigh-in! if not...well, who knows. then it will be thanksgiving. hmmm... turkeyyyy.

cheers all, and please, if your car has spun off the road, get AWAY from it. other cars are quite likely to spin out on the exact same spot.... and also quite possibly will hit your car. yeah, we took the poochies for a walk and stayed out for 3 hours helping the 6 or 8 cars and the school bus full of kids that spun out on our hill. the one injury was a lady that was hit after i had her and others scoot back away from the cars.  i had gone to the house to drop the dogs off and upon  coming back  i hear that my husband had been the one to try to get her out of the way but she didn't comprehend the screaming to MOVE. she had been standing in the doorway of her car and another car spun out and hit the door, and somehow she hurt her arm. she was fine, but after an hour or so ended up calling the meat wagon and getting a ride to the hospital (seemed more like anxiety was getting the best of her since she had full movement so on, but nonetheless).

so seriously. get away from the car. snow and cars make spinning cars.
and spinning cars makes ouchies.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

will it snow?

   They threatened it would snow this weekend... first it would be Saturday, then today, now it's in the middle of the night and all tomorrow. I wanna make a snow angel! I was on CNN's website and heard a report from my former crush of a news anchor, Rob Marciano. Back before CNN, he was in Portland. My teenage crush was on hot rob, not the hansen boys (arf, who would have a crush on these girlie boys?)
  So this weekend i went to a friend's mary kay partay.... and i had VINOoooooooo.. and it was GOOD. Otherwise I've been pretty angelic, eating my meat and veggies! I might have screwed over the whole diet for a few days, but I hadn't drank any alcohol in nearly 2 weeks, and I felt like I deserved it. ohh sweet nectar of the vine...
   One of the things I want to get bac into once i'm a bit smaller  is roller derby. I jooined up for a while this summer and had mucho fun with exception of a couple things... 1. they were run with horriblw leadership and the people involved ddn't enjoy it. It reminded me way too quickly of the navy and their poor leadership, which was one of the biggest problems i had when i was in, and still deal wth it being married to a sailor. I havenot been back since a meeting which screamed bad organization.  2. I have  a pain in my ass. specifically my left ass cheek. It hurrrts a dull ache cramp type of pain and no amount of stretching, muscle building, or antiinflammatories would decrease it. The only thing  I can tie it to is the bne marrow biopsy i had a while back, which i had coincidentally not worked out for a couple months after, so maybe my muscle was injured? or the muscle/bone was injured becaus there was a big ass needle shoved in it? who knows. Otherwise, #3 reason is because this team meets @ 9 or 9:30 pm. seriously? i'm an old lady and need my sleep. We go to bed by 10ish every night. 
    anyway, on an urelated note, i'm about to go hang out with ireney and go to Pier 1!! i.love.that.store!

Thursday, November 18, 2010