Monday, November 22, 2010

ok, it snowed

i just started some soup. i really do hope that it cooks before the power goes out, if it does. oh, it's definintely threatening to. by the way, ohhhh did it snow!
and ohhhhh, did the stupid people start driving!
if we can get off the hill we live on tomorrow without getting in an accident, i'll be getting my second (hopefully decreased) weigh-in! if not...well, who knows. then it will be thanksgiving. hmmm... turkeyyyy.

cheers all, and please, if your car has spun off the road, get AWAY from it. other cars are quite likely to spin out on the exact same spot.... and also quite possibly will hit your car. yeah, we took the poochies for a walk and stayed out for 3 hours helping the 6 or 8 cars and the school bus full of kids that spun out on our hill. the one injury was a lady that was hit after i had her and others scoot back away from the cars.  i had gone to the house to drop the dogs off and upon  coming back  i hear that my husband had been the one to try to get her out of the way but she didn't comprehend the screaming to MOVE. she had been standing in the doorway of her car and another car spun out and hit the door, and somehow she hurt her arm. she was fine, but after an hour or so ended up calling the meat wagon and getting a ride to the hospital (seemed more like anxiety was getting the best of her since she had full movement so on, but nonetheless).

so seriously. get away from the car. snow and cars make spinning cars.
and spinning cars makes ouchies.


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