Tuesday, November 16, 2010

today's been a bit dysfunctional

    let's start with this: if one is on a diet that makes ones stopped up, and is instructed to take laxatives if said stopped-up-ness occurs, DON'T FART, even if one doesn't feel any belly flopping whatsoever. oh lordie...
    This morning was interesting. Cleo was at the vet all day (this is our 9 y/o choco lab which we adopted about a month and a alf ago) getting knocked out for a massive teeth cleaning; the funk stemming from lack of care prior to us. I couldn't find my keys for about 15 minutes and when i finally did, and was a block from there... welll... I had to turn around and go back home. yesh. I got the dog to the vet a half hour late. but they're cool, so no harm no foul.
    So, diet food.  This morning's astronaut pack was "chocolate pancake or muffin". It's not bad, but gives me a bit of a belly ache for a few minutes.
    FYI, coffee is aloud. HALLELUJAH...just not the tasty creamers. booo.
    My lunch pack was pina colada drink (good and no stomach ache!) and i had a nom-nom salad.... fresh frilly looking lettuce (sorry, i forgot the name), green beans, cut up sammich meat; sprinkled with s/p, steak seasoning, and salad seasoning and oil/vin,. i felt like i had had a steak. it was yummy..
 Unfortunately once I saw my hubby's colby string cheese (skinny brick?) I got jealous and i wanted some cheese. later it was the big fat juicy green grapes (i had one! SHH!.. hell, it broke the craving). Somehow this all made me sad since i was apparently mourning the food. ohhhh, dear cheese how i miss you....
    Yes, this diet is strict. I am quite aware. I know from experience of having dieted about 178,000 times in my short life that if i don't strictly follow it, it will dissipate in a few weeks, if that. One of whatever a week will turn into 2 which turns into every night.
   Also, I wanted to slightly go into more depth about my first post.
1. I don't smoke anymore. i did for about a year and just ended up not doing it anymore slowly but surely. A good portion of that had to do with Mike, who doesn't smoke. Another portion was just not enjoying it anymore. I crave while out at bars drinking with other people.
2. I didn't and don't always drink due to depression and self medicating. I feel like I made it sounds that way. While that was very much a reason it increased on repeated occasions, A ton of it was out of habit or boredom and passing time. Also, i LOVE wine! I have drank a lot more of that in the recent months since it was discovered that I was apparently gluten intolerant. (don't have celiac disease, just gained weight, had belly aches, the shits, etc etc because of it). I have not drank huge drunk-inducing amounts  in quite a while.
3. the weight gain is not all (though quite a bit of it is) because of eating and drinking habits. We did eat our fruits and veggies with all meals and we dont' do fast food.  Nonetheless, I very much am aware that my eating habits, despite our veggie intake, was not perfect by any means and since I can apparelty gain weight from chewing gum, well... you know where I am now.

So, I was depressed for a while, then ate a fabulous dinner and am not any more. My blood sugar or whatever it is is so all over the damn place, i feel like i have the emotions of a 14 y/o emo kid.
   I love my sweetie pie. he's so cuddly and loving. He tells me I'm beautiful every day. I have trouble agreeing, but if he didn't say it I would likely turn the lack of words into a nightmare in my head.
   ANyway, last for the night: baked brussell sprouts and green beans. wonderful.
    I had never cooked them before a week or so ago, and this is the third time we've had them (the sprouts).
   Here's the easiness of it:
-oven 425 degrees
-cut the fresh sprouts into halves or quarters
-put on sheet/foil
-sprinkle wth olive oil, salt/pepper, and any and all seasonings. I love Mrs Dash seasonings... tonight was the mediterrainian one and the all purpose one. and lots of it. (by the way, sea salt, not regular salt)
-bake for 15 or 20 min. till they look cooked.

Good nite ya'll.

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  1. "I love my sweetie pie. he's so cuddly and loving. He tells me I'm beautiful every day. I have trouble agreeing, but if he didn't say it I would likely turn the lack of words into a nightmare in my head."

    Very well put, I agree and COMPLETELY know how you feel. Thank God for great hubbies :)