Tuesday, January 18, 2011


do you read this?
tell me if so!!
...cause i only like talking to myself so much..

and fyi, i do know how to capitalize letters that i'm supposed to. i just don't feel like it right now, or most other times i type long babbling jackassery about my ass.

anyway, after the holidays and completely falling off the bandwagon and drinking lots of vino with the fam and eating lots of yummy stuff i wasn't supposed to, I am back on track. for the most part. well, i didn't completely fall off, but i sure was angelic.... and it tasted gooooood! bad me!

 Back to now, during the normal week i tend to be pretty angelic with what i shove in my piehole, and over the weekend i eat a good brunch @ 1 after sleeping in incredibly late and then am generally a naughty monkey during the latter hours of the day. anyway, the mass amount of veggies and protein are doing their job as much as i let them, and i'm down another 5ish lbs after the holiday badness. during those couple of weeks i stayed pretty much at the same weight (gained a lb or 2 a couple of times!)

SOOOO, I'm down 24.5 lb total! a quarter of the way there! oooorah buddies

i went to goodwill tonight to see what pantaloones i could find, but ultimately didn't feel like trying anything on so that idea went out the window... for now, mwahahahaaaa

ummmm... i started a new quarter in school with biological anthropology, pre-calc, sign language, and yoga. i have a good amount of homework and studying, which keeps me busy. if i don't have a good amount  i get lazy altogether with learning what i need to and that leads to a crappy gpa obviously.
mikey and the poochies are doing pretty good... he started a new quarter also and is pretty much in the same math (so we can help eachother out! heheheh) and in online humanities. the girls and i discovered a new dog park full of back woods trails and such. Tuesdays are our fun dog park days when we go down to the big parks in P.O. They're not bad in the rain, so woohooo! less mud!
it's bedtime. our fluffy wonderful bed is calling us.
buenos noches ..!