Monday, November 29, 2010

post thanksgiving foodie

In the last week I've been a bad monkey a few too many times...
but it was all so yummy!
and according to our slightly defective bathroom scale I have lost weight. so woohoo!
I didn't have an appt to check it and my inches last week because of the snow and my lack of 4wd. and it's already a half hour+ away without snow. nonetheless, i also am wearing my usual jeans asnd they're a bit loose. Whoe knows, i could have gaine 10 lbs of turkey belly, but i'm happy and haven't completly fallen off the band wagon!
I've had wine i think 3x in the last couple weeks. it was very yummy each time.
For Thanksgiving my parents came up from Oregon and we ate Irene's fabulous Italian -southern - etc food. it was YUMMMMY. she made baked gnocchi (kinda potato pasta) and cheese and some sweet potato stuff covered with pralines. ohhhh mama.
We've been out to eat a few times also, a bit more than normal, which i tend to not follow the rules quite as much then either. hey, it's just been a week or two of birthdays, holidays, and the hubby's re-enlistment today.
cleo (9 y/o 100 lb choco lab) is GASSY today. poooot pooooot poot
her butt is talkative!
In other news, wednesday i have another checkup, so whoever reads this will have anoher wgt.
and i have 2 tests this week and finals next week. because of the crazy schedule last week this week is going to be interesting. i'm reallllly hoping the human bio professor doesn't spring a test on us tomorrow that we were supposed to do a week ago. she's a bit of a flake. who knows..
otay time for a walk with the dogs.

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